Q. What is the objective here?
A. Well, you see that door? You need to get out.

Q. What the heck is "Tertius?"
A. Try speaking the word. No luck? Maybe you need another item first.

Q. How do I open the box?
A. Examine it. See the depression? Maybe you need to put something in there.

Q. What's with the smells?
A. One in particular will prove very useful later on. Also, it's the only way to tell the rooms apart without dropping stuff in them.

Q. I can't break the code.
A. It's not a plain code, it's a keyword cipher.

Q. I did break the code, and I searched where it said, but there wasn't anything there.
A. Don't just read the message, REFLECT CAREFULLY on it.

Q. I can't solve the logic puzzle.
A. The point is to make all the statements logically consistent. Then add up the numbers of the true statements to get the magic number.

Q. What's with the black pod?
A. Maybe this is what the magic number is for.

Q. I can't wake Melanie up.
A. What do smelling salts smell like?

Q. Parser problems, anyone?
A. There were two things that I could not for the life of me figure out, so if they are giving you problems, I apologize.
First of all, if you're trying to say "tertius" it won't work. You have to say tertius or just plain tertius. Also, if you want to play Nim with the old man, you have to say yes, not just yes.